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Guide For Managing Your Employees’ Holidays

Summer holidays are approaching and it’s time to schedule shifts, organise teams and prepare for upcoming absences. Does your Human Resources department have difficulties when managing and organising your employees’ holidays? Well guess what, it doesn’t have to be this way!

If you follow a good planning strategy, you’ll start to manage your time better and above all, you can eliminate repetitive processes which often cause error and conflicts. Maintaining control of your employees’ holidays will be much simpler!

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of everything you need to know about taking time off work, such as useful tips, resources, templates and more:

How to manage holiday requests

Managing holiday requests may seem complicated and this can only worsen as your company grows! Find out how to manage your annual leave in advance, paid and unpaid leave, overlapping requests and more.

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Summer holidays: everything under control without breaking a sweat

The greatest demand for holidays is always during summer. This is why it’s usually the busiest time for many HR managers (especiallyfor  those who have not digitised their department).

Does your holiday policy clearly define how summer holidays can be taken, in what period should they be requested or how far in advance, if someone has priority for family reasons, if there is any week in which the office is closed and workers are forced to take holidays… You have to take all of this into consideration!

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3 Tips for managing your employees’ holidays

With the arrival of summer, the management of the workers’ holidays has to be carried out in the most efficient way possible so business activity doesn’t suffer. What can be done to achieve this?

Establish priority among employees, for example, those with children, then those with more seniority in the company, etc. This can also be done on a rotating basis.
Keep the contract and agreement in mind.
Use a program to manage absences. If absences are managed automatically, the margin of error will be much less.

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What happens if not all your employees’ holidays are used up? Can these days be accumulated?

Another one of the million questions for summer of 2020 is if workers can accumulate holidays for another time, and not spend them all now; with flight and country restrictions, uncertainty … employees  may prefer to enjoy their holiday in the same way as before Covid-19. Some employees may prefer to wait for the situation to normalise.

In principle, all one-year holidays should be enjoyed during the same year . However, if the employee has a disability or needs time off for sick leave or pregnancy leave, they may have the possibility of using their holidays the following year.

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Manage your employees’ holidays using a special HR software solution

HR software can really benefit your team when it comes to time off tracking. Let the software take care of all your processes, speeding up time, so employees can receive quicker responses and holiday approvals from their manager.

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Whats the legal amount of holidays an employee can take a year?

Do you know how many days off employees’ can take a year in the UK? Find out the amount of days workers can take and the reasons they can take time off, such as, stress leave, adoption leave, Jacks Law 2020 and more!

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Bank Holidays 2020

Different parts of the UK have different Bank holidays. Although we are already over half way through 2020, it may be worth double checking how many bank holidays there are remaining and what days they fall on. This way you can organise and plan your work efficiently so you can relax on a bank holiday instead of stressing about uncompleted work.

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Employee holiday management with Excel (template 2020)

Managing employee holidays with an Excel sheet is very common amonngst human resources.

Do you want to learn how it works? You just have to create a file, dedicate the different columns to months and days and fill in the rows with the names of the workers. In Excel you can also use formulas to add holidays.

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Time off for Maternity Leave

Are you planning of having a baby soon? Make sure you know everything about maternity leave and your legal rights to make the new chapter of your life as stress free as possible. It’s important you communicate with your employer so they know when your going to be away from work.

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Time off for Paternity Leave

Dad’s can take time off too! Taking care of the baby during the initial stages of their life is really important for their development and growth. Find out when you can take time off work as a father and for how many days.

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