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MiiN Cosmetics Case Study & Success Story: The Future of Makeup

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miin cosmetics and factorial - HR case study & success story

The success story of MiiN Cosmetics is truly inspirational. Founded in 2014, the company was established by a Chinese makeup artist with a love for Korean cosmetics. Having settled in the sunny city of Barcelona, Spain, she quickly noticed that it was extremely difficult to find Korean cosmetics in Europe. These were the products that she was using on her face and she wanted to offer her customers the same quality. And so, she decided to establish a small shop. Today, MiiN Cosmetics distributes its products throughout Europe, has 4 stores in Spain as well as one in Paris, Munich, and Milan.

We spoke with Lilin Yang, CEO of MiiN Cosmetics; Juan Pedraz, People Operations Manager, and Mireia Garriga, the Beauty Advisor.

Discover How Factorial HR Become One of the Pillars of Miin Cosmetics

The Evolution of MiiN Cosmetics

“I really had a desire to offer cosmetics from Korea in Europe” explains Lilin Yang, CEO, thinking back to when it all started with just a small store on Carrer de Pau Claris in Barcelona. “To this day, this store is still very successful. People know us well and we have loyal customers who come and know exactly what they want,” Yang explains.

According to Yang, the goal of MiiN Cosmetics is to break down barriers. “Makeup is both, for men and women,” she says. “People have to get used to taking time to treat themselves and be happy with who they are. This is what I want to convey,” explains the CEO.

Factorial and MiiN Cosmetics

“Optimizing Human Resources has been key to our growth and talent management at MiiN. As head of HR, the tool I use the most is Factorial” says Pedraz, head of People Operations.

Managing teams in an international company like MiiN can quickly become a complicated task. With stores spread across Spain and Europe, unifying and digitalizing processes makes an important difference in people management. That’s where Factorial comes in.

“I built the HR department of Minn Cosmetics from the ground up and after this year and a half, I can honestly say it has really taken on a solid shape” recalls Pedraz. “We already had Factorial when I joined the company, but the only thing that we used was time tracking and holiday management, so I felt like we were wasting the opportunities that the tool offers as a whole,” he adds. “Little by little I started adding all the information regarding people management into Factorial. Today, I can truly say that it helps me in absolutely everything that I do,” he concludes.

We asked Pedraz how does he manage a growing company with a presence in not only different cities but also countries? “By unifying the management of remote teams, Factorial not only helps me save time, but it also makes employees more autonomous” he explains.

Mireia Garriga has been a Beauty Advisor at MiiN for the past eight months. She’s been using Factorial since she joined the team. “The fact that I can access Factorial from anywhere gives me security and comfort,” says Garriga. “I’m not afraid of forgetting documents at home or losing them,” she says.

Payroll paperwork, contracts, work absences due to COVID … With Factorial I don’t have to download files every time they need to be modified,” explains Juan Pedraz.

The Future of Makeup

MiiN Cosmetics originally started out as a makeup vendor. Today it has developed also into a manufacturer by producing its own products while serving as a supplier for small businesses that cannot afford to buy from big international suppliers.

Its line of business is divided into its online sales and six physical stores spread throughout Europe. Since the country legislation, such as contract clauses and taxes varies from county to country, they also have an advisor in each country that they operate in. Factorial helps them have a clear overview of the various parts of the company while streamlining and automating their processes and management system with a unified approach. And we cannot wait to see what they do next!

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