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Virtual & Remote Work Software

In the majority of cities around the UK virtual and remote work, have become the best way to protect employees and businesses during the pandemic. 

Is your protection plan equipped with the tools needed to streamline your company through the post-pandemic period? Discover all the Factorial functionalities to help you stay on top of it all.

Time Tracking Software for Remote Work

Check-in to ensure your employees are registering their hours and keeping up to date using a method that best suits you and your team. 

Clock-in from your computer or through the mobile app
Geolocalisation clock-in, to know from where they are working

Manage Documents and Sign Documents Online

Just because it’s called 'paperwork', doesn’t mean you need to carry papers. Manage all your company documents without the need for physical storage. 

Ship, store, organise, edit, and approve all types of documents
Electronic signature for employees - 100% legal
Maximum data security - encrypted & single access

Time off Remote Working Software

Have a complete overview of who is at work and who will not be available both today and in the upcoming days. An invaluable feature for both in-house and remote employees.

General view of all teams and absence types 
Up-to-date information on absences
One-click holiday management

Internal Communications

Use Factorial’s Human Resources software to manage and communicate between teams and employees

Keep your team informed of the latest news about Covid-19.
Make sure all your employees are aware of company safety measures

Employee Performance Monitoring

One of the biggest problems with remote work is the feeling of lack of control and visibility over the work completed. Factorial's solution for performance reviews allows you to gain more visibility over your team. 

Automated and personalised assessments.
Notifications and questionnaires integrated into the remote working monitoring software
Assign tasks to your employees

Hiring Plans for Remote Workers

Just because your company is working remotely, doesn’t mean hiring needs to stop. Do you want to incorporate new talent to your team? Optimise the process so you can do it while teleworking from home. 

Fast & simple integration of employees
Plan and create task flows assigned to different managers
Customise the steps in the process

Employment offers while working virtually

Despite the fact that legislation has yet to define how remote work should look in the UK, the best talent is already on the lookout for companies with flexible remote working policies. Are you offering the option of remote working to your staff?

Manage your selection and recruitment process with an employment portal
Fully personalised company page with more attractive offers
Integrations with Indeed - a job portal with the largest search for remote working positions

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