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Payroll software that simplifies and centralises processes

Bring your payroll processes together for total control, pay employees accurately in a few clicks, and automatically reflect real-time compensatory changes in payslips for an error-free payday.

Why an Automated Payroll Management Software

Centralise your payroll using intuitive software that will become your single source of truth.

Centralise and automate payroll

Automate communications, set fixed supplements or try auto-calculation.

Pay accurately

Avoid careless mistakes to save time and money, and to ensure employee satisfaction on payday.

Gain insights

Get detailed information on company costs, salaries evolution and employer-paid benefits.

We save an enormous amount of time, especially in the processing of payrolls. These have been digitised thanks to Factorial. In addition, the employees always have a file at their fingertips.

Sarah Meyer - SSE Engineering

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Streamline payroll management and electronic signature of your employees with Factorial.

Integrate with leading payroll providers

Integrate our HR and Payroll Software seamlessly with existing providers thanks to our open API. Sync easily with the apps you already use, including Payflow, Zuchetti, Primavera, Sage, and more.

Centralise payroll and expense management

Approve expenses instantly and automatically pay reimbursements through payroll.

Digitise expense requests and review them at a glance via desktop or mobile
Categorise expenses for greater insights into spending
Automatically reflect expenses as additional supplements in payroll

Reflect compensations in payslips accurately

Automatically create payslips that incorporate real-time changes - without time-consuming, manual input.

Schedule supplements per employee at a frequency that suits you
Adapt our payslip software to your company by setting your payment cycle length
Choose your compensation settings (fixed or variable) and let Factorial do the rest
Define what each compensation stands for (bonus, overtime, commissions) for greater clarity

The power of HR and Payroll Software

Factorial's payroll software is already optimising the processes of companies worldwide.


cost savings from reducing errors in invoices and paychecks

+ 60%

of employees work more happily thanks to automated expenses


active customers already using our payroll manager software

Centralise and distribute payslips painlessly

Create payslips, personalise them automatically and share them with employees in a few clicks - all within our payslip software.

Decide which roles can add supplements and share approval policies for total control over the process
Allow admins to distribute payslips in bulk in seconds
Store payslips on the platform so employees can access them instantly
Speed up payroll preparation and streamline payroll management

Gain payroll insights to improve decision making

Empower HR teams and company leaders with deeper analytics and comprehensive reports into your company's pay.

Have a complete overview of new hirings, terminations, contract types and working hours
View trends by supplement type to improve budgeting
Download accurate payroll reports to inform people-cost analysis and drive data-driven decisions

Communicate seamlessly with your Bookkeper

Integrate our HR and payroll software with your existing workflows and involve your bookkeeper every step of the way.

Send payroll incidences to your bookkeeper instantly and track their status within the platform, whether that be a new hire, sick leave or maternity leave
Share updates and include notes with each instance so nothing gets missed
Download a summary of all occurrences and share it easily
Integrate with your bookkeeper's software seamlessly so you save time jumping between platforms

The payslip manager

Save time sending the employee's payslips using Factorial's smart payslip manager and employee portal.

Automatic payslip manager

Send payrolls to employees easily within seconds. The automatic Factorial manager allows you to save time each month while sending the payslip to employees. Easy, smart and safe.

Splits the pdf file into payslips and sends it to the employee

Upload a pdf file with all the payslips of the employees and we will automatically recognise the name and ID of each worker. We will divide the pdf in different payslip files so you can review them before send it to each employee.

The employee receives the payslip

The employee will receive a private message with the payslip and the file will be stored in the documents section of each employee. Available anytime, anywhere. Employees will only be able to see their own payslip.

All-in-one HR software

Our goal setting software is just the tip of the iceberg. Manage your team's time, holidays, payroll, performance and more, all from one place, with Factorial.

Trusted by over 8,000 companies worldwide
Ranked in G2's Top 50 HR Products 2023
Saves 30+ hours usually spent on manual work

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With Factorial you can enhance your HR management by managing the digital signature of documents and the payroll management of your employees. Find out how!