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Factorial Free HR software – Now in the UK!

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Factorial HR is a fast-growing startup HR software company that was founded in Barcelona at the end of 2016, with the aim to help businesses automate and streamline their HR processes and chores by using a free, cloud based HR software.

The idea was born when we noticed that many startups and other small businesses often struggled when it came to managing their staff and HR tasks, making their processes very time consuming and difficult. Our free cloud based solution was created with small and medium sized businesses in mind. However, there is room for these companies to grow bigger in size and we will provide you with sufficient tools, helping you reach your goals.

Now, we have a well established customer base in Spain and America and we are currently taking on Europe! With many UK businesses already on board, it makes sense to create more content specific for our UK customers with interesting news, facts and all things related to HR. Are you still wondering what all the fuss is about? Just keep reading.

A sneak peak of our free HR software

We want our HR software to be available to everyone, which is why it will always be free. No download of programs or plugins necessary, simply log in on the website and you have access to the full platform wherever you are. As long as you have an internet connection, of course.

In the HR software you will find many features which will help you streamline and ease the workload of your HR department, but also for employees and management. Here is a wee sneak peak of our software and all its features!

Document Management

Document management ensures all documents for the company and staff gathered in the cloud. Upload, save, download and share documents wherever you are.

Time Off- Holidays and Absences

Manage the annual leave planning and other time off requests, such as sick-leave, with the help from Factorials holiday calendar. Employees can request leave directly through the platform, see how many days they have left to take and view their approved leaves. The administrator can also create personalised leave-types suited for the company, for example ‘working while on holiday’ or ‘half days’.

hr software calendar


Manage and share your companies monthly payroll and any payroll variations that occur. This feature ensures that all your companies payroll information is in one place and is always up to date. It enables you to download the payroll summary in excel format whilst also tracking changes that affect your employees’ payroll and creating personalised reports.

HR software

Recruitment HR software

Under the recruitment feature, you can see all your job postings and the candidates that have been applying, where you can review all their data. There is also a talent pool icon that enables you to save interesting candidates for the future.

HR software

Reports and Analytics

Create custom reports and analytics automatically by using the data of your company and staff which is collected in the software. Gain a greater understanding of your company diversity and distribution of, for example, gender, salaries and age-groups. It is also interesting to view your growth in staff-members from year to year, or even month to month if you have recently had rapid growth.

hr software dashboard

Performance HR software

See and access all the performance reports created by your company. You can also create performance reviews where you can specify which subjects you want to be reviewed.

HR software

Employee Portal

All staff members in the company have their own, unique log in to the employee portal. From here they can manage their documents, such as contracts or payslips, report illness, send requests for annual leave and view the company organisational chart. The organisational chart will be automatically created once you add employees to your company in Factorial, and will be updated if there are any changes in an employees contract.

hr software employee


This feature presents all employees’ shifts on one timetable. Any conflicting shifts will be highlighted by the software, to prevent any issues from arising. It enables shift planning and any changes to shifts will be updated on the timetable, which all colleagues can access. This feature gives team managers full control of the planning and managing of all shifts.

HR software

Time and Attendance

This time and attendance feature is one of the favourites! Employees can now report hours worked directly on the platform from the employee portal. You can clock-in and out of work with a simple click. So that you know how many hours you have completed in the working day. The time reports will be sent to the chosen manager at the end of the month for review and approval and these can then be exported and sent to your payroll system. We offer personalised time and attendance software suited especially to your company requirements.

hr software time tracking


This feature has many different informative sections to it. It details the legal information and legal documentation of your company. As well as your companies general information and time-off policies. The locations of different office HQ’s. Detailed tasks in which you can create task templates to speed up the tasks assignment. It also holds important documents in the documents section. Along with a section which enables the customisation of company pages. Lastly, it includes permissions to manage employee access in Factorial, the details of your subscription package and different workflow automations.

HR software

Save hours every week with Factorial HR software

We spend so much time at work, it goes without saying that we should enjoy the time we spend there! But when most HR departments have their hands and desks full of time consuming and outdated processes. They don’t have time to actually focus on how their staff are doing.

Our system is not created to replace human interactions, in fact, it’s the contrary.

It is created to ease the workload and help HR mangers gain more free time to spend on the most valuable resource of your company, your employees.

If you’re new to HR or you want to become an HR expert, here are some of the best hr courses, suitable for different levels.

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