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How to Convince Your CEO to Work with HR Solutions

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You’re bogged down. It’s 2020 but you’re still pushing papers like it’s 2005, toggling through spreadsheets to track hours, sending the same documents to employees again and again, or else chasing them around for a signature.

HR Obstacles

Human resources services are vital to any business’s success and if the human resources department is struggling, the rest of the company is too. By drawing attention to how HR challenges impact the business’s overall progress, you can make a strong argument for the incorporation of human resources software.

Ask yourself what is siphoning the most time and resources from the HR department. Is it keeping track of paperwork? How about helping employees to navigate scheduling and absences? Or, managing and onboarding potential talent? Where do you most require HR support?

To win your CEO’s interest, consider how these issues are limiting company growth. For example, without transparent and accessible scheduling tools, employees may waste time quibbling over hours and planned absences. Without centralized document-sharing, information regarding rules and standards as well as other resources may be lost in the fray. Lagging or irregular recruitment and onboarding processes might mean your business is losing potential talent to bureaucratic delays.

Once you have a handle on the challenges that need addressing, it is time to ask yourself the most important question: “How can HR management solutions help me to meet these challenges?”

Why aren’t you able to catch up?

Maybe your CEO hasn’t gotten the memo, but you know that automating traditionally time-consuming and labour-intensive HR functions with HR solutions will increase not only in-department productivity but efficiency company-wide. Human resources management system software (HRMS) can streamline operational and transactional tasks and standardize processes to make your HR team more agile.

If your business isn’t using an HR management system, it is not only unnecessarily miring staff in inefficient busywork but also leaving untapped HR’s potential to be the driver of better decision-making.

While your CEO may not be interested in administrative tasks or people-management problems, you can bet they will be interested in increased efficiency and productivity— particularly when it translates to revenue. If you want to convince the boss to invest in HR management software, you’ll have to show them that they’ve been missing out on valuable development opportunities.

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HR Problems with HR Solutions

HR software systems manage key tasks and processes relating to employee administration. Let your CEO know that by automating time-consuming HR functions that would otherwise require manual updating and processing, HR platforms create revenue. Here are a few examples to mention:

Automate & standardize processes

HR solutions eliminate human error by automating functions and rules as well as systemizing scheduling, payroll processes, and recruitment flows. Fewer fumbles mean everyone is happier.

Increase employee satisfaction

By simplifying processes and providing online access to information, software for HR gives individuals and managers the tools to answer questions or resolve issues themselves. This transparency improves efficiency and boosts employee confidence and motivation. If a worker feels they can trust their company, they’re more likely to stick around (reducing turnover) and invest themselves in building the company’s future.

Embed data analytics in daily HR functions

Stay on top of staffing needs and costs with the ability to run reports at the touch of a button. Track everything from recruitment times to employee performance. Let data be your guide as you seek for ever more perfect workflows, team structures, and onboarding processes.

Free up HR workers to function more strategically

Research conducted by McKinsey & Company has shown that while most HR teams spend 60% of their time on operational and transactional management, the best performing teams only spent 40% of their time on such activities. Automation will give HR time to direct its resources toward better-supporting managers and workers.

Plan for the future

Software for HR offers features you didn’t know your team needed and is designed to grow with your company. Don’t limit your company’s opportunities to progress!

hr software meeting

Show your CEO how HR Software can work for them!

It’s time to get down to business. HR management solutions are revolutionising the way your HR department functions so let’s get your boss in the loop. Here’s how to talk the talk:

Be specific with HR solutions

While you are talking up the benefits of working with HR solutions, zero in on the best hr software for your specific needs. Remember those problems we discussed earlier? Now is the time to bring up the specific functions of the software that will address them.

Are you losing out on new talent due to recruitment inefficiencies? Be sure to stress how applicant tracking will help your company meet those recruiting goals that you have been missing.

Various studies have shown that when companies clearly define and track goals using software, they enjoy 3X the return of companies that do not. Let your boss know how much they have to gain from data analytics aimed at identifying and addressing snags.

Scheduling back-and-forths are inefficient and can lead to mistakes. An HR management software will handle all those leave and time-off requests. Software like this also helps coordinate work schedules within departments to ensure adequate staff cover.

How much time is spent providing employees with the same information over and over again? With centralised document sharing, HR can make important documents available. You can also send forms directly to employees for an immediate digital signature. Emphasise that this will minimise your company’s legal liability by preventing documents from falling through the cracks.

Use the numbers

When it comes to business-minded CEOs, let the numbers speak for themselves. Estimate how much time your team spends on tasks, then compare it against the time you’ll save with automation. You can even break this down by category to pack a bigger punch. If you spend, say, 15 hours a week, organising schedules and fielding time-off requests, that’s 37% of a 40-hour work-week! If that number drops to 2 hours a week with the implementation of software for human resources, it’s now only 5% of your work-week.

Show that software will increase productivity X%. Let your CEO know the strides HR could make if this time were dedicated to recruitment or improving employee experience.

Propose a pilot

If your boss is still on the fence, it may be the perfect time to propose your team test-drive a free hr service. Some HR management systems offer free trials which will provide the perfect opportunity to see how much HR outsourcing will impact the HR team and the company.

Think BIG

Let your boss in on your vision! Streamlining processes help meet your company’s administrative needs. Freeing your team from time-consuming tasks allows them to decide more conscientiously where and how to expend time and resources. How will your team make use of software for HR to continuously improve processes and drive better decision-making? If you think HR is ready to embrace a more central and “strategic role,” you are not the only one!

Looking Forward...

This should be enough to get the conversation started. However, convincing your boss to invest in HR solutions might take some following up. Don’t lose hope! You know how much this will transform your HR department and your enthusiasm will be contagious. If you make yourself available to provide further information and keep the conversation going, your boss will soon see the light.

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Written by Valerie Slaughter; Edited by Tanya Lesiuk

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