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Factorial for Business

Improve the management of your team, reduce structural costs and improve decision making.

Factorial Software Business

Reports and Analytics

Create as many reports as you need based on the information of your company to know the status of your business at all times. This will lead to better decision making about your workforce and your team. Try it for free!

Employee Profile

Safely access all the information and documents of your employees at any time. You will no longer waste time searching through hundreds of papers, everything you need will be in one place.

Document Management

All the payslips, contracts, sick leaves and identification of your team at your fingertips. You can also make public those business documents that you need to share.

Holidays and Absence Software

Assign supervisors who will be responsible for managing the absence requests of your workers for you. You can also view holidays and absences of all the employees of your company from a single calendar. 

Events and Communications

Create events and communications to inform employees of milestones and upcoming activities within the company. No more missing a single event!

Other Features

Discover other features that Factorial for business has for you:

Multiple language support

Multiple language support

Available in different languages and countries.



Manage your workforce better thanks to the team manager.

Organisational chart

Organisational chart

Create your own organisational chart.

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