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Internal Communication and Events

The internal communication of a company is very important for it to function properly, regardless of whether it is a multinational company or not. When organisations have a  good internal communication plan they can provide more transparency and get more commitment from their employees.

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Share public documents

Make sure your employees have access to the documents they need, and that the information is up-to-date!

  • Drag the document to the appropriate folder.
  • Grant permissions to the employees of your choice.

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Create events and communications

Inform your team on the latest news by creating individual or group publications.

  • Add the date, time, title, description and image.
  • Allow your employees to add comments and/or reactions.

Generate weekly summaries

Keep all your employees up to date with what is happening in the company.

  • Report the most important events.
  • Include information about the team; birthdays, leave, absences, etc.

Easy access to the employee portal

Our non-intrusive software provides employees with a personal space where they can easily access all company communications.

  • Centralised communications in the home section.
  • Ability to send notificantions via email.

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employee portal access

Integration with Slack

Factorial's integration with Slack is an example of improving internal communications between teams.

  • Daily summaries of your company.
  • Possibility to record your day from the tool.

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Facilitate remote working and digitalisation

Is it possible to work remotely without being isolated? With a tool that facilitates internal communication, the answer is yes.

  • Two-way communication; Talk to your employees and listen to them.
  • Enable the digitisation of the more human side of HR.

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