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Factorial for Employees

No more emails or calls. From now on, everything important is within clicking distance of your employees.


Holidays and Absences Software

Employees will be able to know their remaining holidays from their profile and request their own absences at any time.

Employee Portal

It will no longer be necessary to exchange hundreds of emails to request a document or certain information. An employee can access all their personal information, documents, absences and other functionalities from their profile.

Document Management

Now an employee can safely and remotely check all of their documents: contracts, payslips, sick leaves, identifications, among others.

Events and Communications

Don’t let an employee miss any milestone or activity within your company. From the events and communications section, an employee can see all upcoming events and confirm their attendance.

Other Features

Discover other features Factorial has for employees:

Multiple language support

Multiple language support

Available in different languages and countries.

Team overview

Team overview

Allows employees to know when their coworkers won’t be in the office.

Organisational chart

Organisational chart

Let employees know the structure of the business

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