Solutions for Consulting Companies

Consulting companies operate within agile environments that require a lot of flexibility regarding their HR processes. That's why your workforce software must be adaptable to all those changes. 

With Factorial HR your employees can track their working hours wherever they are. While managers can easily monitor HR analytics and reports and automate daily tasks and calculate employees' expenses and payroll variables. 

HR Solutions for the consulting companies

Over 60,000 companies have already used our human resources software

Holidays and Absences Software

Quickly and easily manage your employees’ holidays and absences with our HR Software. 

Customised absences

Configure the different types of absences of your company.

Time off Manager

Supervise and approve employee absences.

Team calendar

A calendar with all of the employee absences.

Holiday policies

Create various policies and assign them to your employees.

Time & Attendance for Consulting Companies

Offer employees flexibility with how they clock in/out, whether they're working on-site/off-site, or working remotely. 

Time-off and Calendar

Request a vacation and leave in seconds and track who is working on our company calendar.

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Accrued Hours

Monitor your employees extra hours and their accrued time off.  

Mobile App

Allow your employees to clock-in and ask for time-off from their mobile device.

Vacation policies

Create different policies and assign them to your employees.

HR Reports and Analytics

Generate customised reports based on your company data and make better decisions about your workforce and your business.

Customised reports

Generate as many reports as you need.

Reports panel

Customise your own reports panel.

Organisational chart

Automatically generate your own organisational chart.

Document Management and Digital Signature

All of your company's documentation and employee files safely stored in your document manager.

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Payslips, Contracts, Sick Leaves

All personal documents of your employees.

Company Documents

Share important company documents with your employees.

Employee Signature

Send a document to your employees to have them sign it.

Personal Files & Documents

All the personal information and documents of an employee.

How Factorial Helped to Optimise CoverWallet's HR Tasks

"With Factorial every employee can access their information at any time"

Today, CoverWallet's managers in Madrid and Valencia have control over the information in their various offices. Both can manage tasks without depending on the other. Being able to centralise all the information in a single place and in the cloud has improved visibility within the organisation. 

Read more about CoverWallet.

Streamlining the HR processes of Consulting Companies

With an HR software tailormade for Consulting Companies, you can save more time on bureaucratic tasks. This means you can focus your efforts on scaling the company and developing your talents. 

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Time-off Management
  • Time Tracking on the Web or through a mobile App
  • HR Reports and Analytics
  • Document Management and Digital Signature
  • Expenses Management

HR as your ally towards growth

Improve hiring & onboarding efficiency, manage employee schedules without errors, gain visibility over your people analytics, build internal communications, and promote better WFH practices.
  1. Grow your team more efficiently

    Secure top talent quickly with a careers page tailored to attract your ideal candidate.

  2. Employee scheduling has never been easier

    Know who is in and out of the office based on their clock-in/out status, whether they're on holidays (and for what reason), and when they'll next be away. Create schedules for shift workers, and easily manage employee hours and time off.

  3. HR reports aren't meant to collect dust

    Gather valuable people analytics from your reports to help you make more informed business decisions. 

  1. Keep your team connected

    Nothing beats hearing about a colleague's birthday celebration in the break room OR what about a company-wide announcement of a team-building activity? Keep your team in the loop with what's happening.  

  2. Digital transformation as a driver for growth

    Building a team online takes work, but the logistics of it all don't have to cause you a headache. With Factorial, managing your team in the digital era is simple.

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