Human Resources Mobile App

Thanks to the mobile application, Factorial changes the way you approach your day-to-day HR functions by adjusting to your needs and keeping you up to date with the activity of your company.

Over 60,000 companies have already used our human resources software

Take advantage of the Factorial HR app

Whether you are an administrator or an employee, download the Factorial mobile application in order to manage the same processes that you carry out from the desktop application. With new and improved functionalities, you'll find the Factorial app is more functional than ever.

  • Manage remote teams from anywhere
  • Limit absenteeism
  • Allow your workers to sign in, request absences, stay up to date with company communication and much more

The most efficient time tracking

Empower your workers to track their own time. The working hours they log on their mobile device will automatically synchronize with the employee portal. They can clock in with:

  • Clock-in and clock-out button with manual shift editing available
  • Geolocation system, which notifies administrators where the employee is clocking in from
  • QR code and application at the entrance

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Internal communication: Your team closer than ever

Use the Factorial mobile app to keep your team up-to-date on events, changes, and more.

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See all upcoming events

Information about your team

Stay aware of birthdays, first days, and other celebrations


Maintain access to the most up-to-date information

Community management

Manage the communities that you have created or are a part of

Centralized document management

Anything you can do while managing documents from your desktop, you can do from your mobile phone.

  • Access all your Factorial documents and folders
  • Upload, download, edit, share and delete your files
  • Open images and read documents

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Everything you need to manage human resources

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  • Discover the most powerful and easy to use tool of the market.
  • Tailored pricing for your needs and goals.
  • More than 60.000 companies already using Factorial.

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