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Save time sending the employee’s payslip using Factorial's smart payslip manager.

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Automatic payslip manager

Send payrolls to employees easily within seconds. The automatic Factorial manager allows you to save time each month while sending the payslip to employees. Easy, smart and safe.

Splits the pdf file into payslips and sends it to the employee

Upload a pdf file with all the payslips of the employees and we will automatically recognise the name and ID of each worker. We will divide the pdf in different payslip files so you can review them before send it to each employee.

The employee receives the payslip

The employee will receive a private message with the payslip and the file will be stored in the documents section of each employee. Available anytime, anywhere. Employees will only be able to see their own payslip. They will not have access to other payrolls or private data of any other employee.

High security, no mistakes

Using the smart manager will erradicate errors in the payslip process. This process will be carried out in compliance with the highest safety standards to ensure that all information remains confidential and is safer than mail.

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