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🎁 HR Advent Calendar 2023 🎄

Christmas is almost here, and we’re counting down the days with an HR advent calendar full of exclusive content and discounts. Prepare for a month full of surprises all designed to make your day-to-day work easier and your HR department more productive.

Spoiler alert: It’s full of useful kits, unique offers from partners like Huggg, Perdoo and Borneo, and insightful reads for HR pros!

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Merry (almost) Christmas!

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How does the advent calendar work?

Starting on December 1st, you will receive a surprise-filled email from Factorial every week. This email will contain boxes corresponding to the days of the week, each hiding content, surprises and exclusive discounts for you.

Just click on the box of the day and find out what's behind it: it could be staff management tips, resources to download, discounts, webinars and exclusive surprises.

It's a fun way to learn, grow, and optimise your HR department, day after day, throughout the month of December.

We can't wait! 🌈✨

HR Advent Calendar: your key to successful HR management

Factorial is committed to providing quality resources to help you excel in HR management. With our HR Advent Calendar, we want to transform your work experience by giving you access to tools and tips that will make a difference in your career. Every day is a unique opportunity to learn, connect with our community and improve your HR strategy. It's time to discover the brighter side of people management. Join us by downloading the 2023 HR Advent Calendar and prepare for a month of professional growth and HR success.