KPI Template (Excel)

Looking for a way to measure and evaluate the performance of specific objectives within your company?

This KPI template provides a structured framework to help you do just that. It helps define, track, and analyse KPIs, enabling your company leaders to assess their progress toward strategic goals, make data-driven decisions, and drive continuous improvement.

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KPI Template

What is a KPI template?

A KPI template is a structured document outlining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to an organisation's goals. It typically includes KPI definitions, measurement methods, target values, and a timeline for assessment. 

Why is a KPI template important?

A KPI template is a key part of performance management. It provides a standardised framework for defining, measuring, and tracking key metrics. By doing so, it drives clarity and consistency across teams. It can also align efforts with strategic goals, increasing data-driven decision-making!

How do you create a KPI template?

To create a KPI template, you must: 

  • Identify organisational goals, determine relevant KPIs, and define measurement criteria. 
  • Specify data sources, collection frequency, and responsible parties. Set target values.
  • Design a clear, visually intuitive template with columns for KPI names, definitions, targets, actual values, and analysis.
  • Regularly update the template for accuracy and relevance.

What are examples of KPI?

Using examples of KPI to create your template can help to start you off. A key performance indicator sample for each department within a company might look something like this:


  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Lead Generation

Customer Service:

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • First-Contact Resolution Rate


  • Profit Margins
  • Cash Flow
  • Return on Assets (ROA)

Human Resources:

  • Employee Turnover Rate
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Time to Fill Open Positions

What is the difference between KPIs and metrics?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are specific, strategic metrics directly tied to organisational goals. Metrics, more broadly, encompass a wider range of quantitative measurements that may or may not be directly aligned with strategic objectives.