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Free Org Chart Template

Do you know the benefits of having a company org chart?

Among other things, it improves internal communication and helps to have a clearer idea of ​​the chain of command. It's useful for new employees to understand ​​how the company and the departments are organised. A company org chart is also the perfect tool to collect information about jobs and roles in your team and company.

Get your organisation chart template here to create your company's org chart and improve communication and efficiency in your teams. Our organization chart design allows you to add multiple team members underneath different managers.

Unlock the power of organizational clarity with this downloadable free organizational chart template.

An Organised Team With an Org Chart

Avoid the confusion of your team, loss of workflow and uncomfortable situations with an org chart of your company that is tidy, clean and constantly updated.

Thanks to org chart templates like this one, you can design your own organizational charts instantly by simply adding in the data of your staff. Distribute positions and responsibilities in a transparent way and show all your employees that they can work smoothly, always knowing who to reach out to in case of an incident.

Free organizational chart templates like ours eliminate the problem of unfinished tasks due to a break in the chain of command. Using org charts, you'll never again forget a task because you don't know who to ask for help.

Template vs. HR Software


How can an organizational chart template fall short?

Although an organization chart template will help you create your final org chart, it is not the most efficient way. This is because:

  • You can't automatically share it with employees.
  • Changes must be updated manually.
  • The paper support can be lost or damaged.
  • Human error is possible.
  • It does not give a professional perception of the company.

When should you start using software?

We're not saying that organizational charts made from templates don't work - it all depends on the needs of your Human Resources department or teams. But we recommend moving to an automated solution when:

  • The workforce grows, and the organisation chart begins to be unclear.
  • The HR department spends too much time updating and redesigning the org chart.
  • The organisation of the teams ends up being clear.
  • Team communication is not streamlined because the chain of command is not well-reflected.
  • You offer the option of teleworking, and new employees depend on the organisation chart to know the company's structure.
  • The management time of the organisation chart will cost you more money than what a specialised programme would.

What software can offer you


Benefits of using software like Factorial:

  • Autonomy for the worker. They can consult it whenever they want, without asking anyone for permits or documents.
  • Automatic update. The changes will be visible to everyone, immediately.
  • Time-saving. No more redesign of branches; the organisation chart will do it for you.
  • Paper saving. Your company will be more sustainable by having it not only in digital format but also in the cloud.
  • No more human error. The programme itself will not allow you to repeat your employee or position.
  • Customisable. In the case of Factorial, it adapts to each office and its needs.
  • Helps communication. With an organisational chart that is always accessible, internal communication between teams or members of the same team will improve.
  • Improved Decision-Making: With a clear understanding of the organizational structure, managers can make better-informed decisions.

Each company has to find the HR programme that best suits them, but there are some requirements that this type of software should always cover:

  • Has the essential tools. We recommend you list your priorities and look for functionalities that support these.
  • Simple and intuitive. If your employees and HR department have to have a Master's degree to understand a programme that is supposed to "speed things up", it's no good to you.
  • Solid technical support. A technological solution must have a good group of professionals behind it, willing to help you quickly in case of any incident.
  • Eliminate steps in the management of Human Resources. In the case of the Company Organisation Chart, using the software should take less time than manually managing this process.

What is an Organizational Flow Chart?

An organizational chart, also known as an org chart or organizational flow chart, is a visual representation of a company's hierarchy and each team structure within the entire organization. It depicts relationships between employees, departments, and positions.

Each team member should be included, from assistants to middle management to senior employees across different departments. These flow charts provide clarity and transparency to everyone in the company, ensuring a unified understanding of responsibilities and lines of authority.

How Does an Org Chart Work?

Our Org Chart Template simplifies the process of creating and maintaining an organizational chart. With a few clicks, you can easily visualise and map out the structure of your company.

Simply input the employees' names, job titles, and reporting relationships, and our template will generate a professional and comprehensive org chart for you.

Our dynamic and interactive design lets you easily update and modify your org chart as your company evolves. Whether you experience growth, reorganisation, or departmental changes, our template provides flexibility and adaptability to reflect the most up-to-date structure of your organisation.