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Absence management and time off by the hour

Streamline your business’s absence management. Gain insight into absenteeism in your workforce, track compensatory time, and adapt your time off policy to fit any contract.

Calculate holiday and time-off in hours

You can now add an hourly time tracker when providing your employees with holiday and other types of absence availabilities.

New Time Trackers

New Time Trackers

Choose the type of time tracker you want for each type of holiday and absence policy.



Set the maximum number of hours for each type of absence.

More visibility

More visibility

View past and future hours of absence taken off by your employees.

More options

More options

Distinguish between holiday hours by counting working days or calendar days.

More details provided in the management and visualisation of absences

When a worker requests time off via hours, he must report the beginning and end of the absence, as well as the hours used. As well as:

Manually make adjustments for absences, one by one or in altogether.
Set up the time tracker to add hours per day, week or month.
Create a reserve of hours to compensate for employee overtime with holidays.
Displays on the calendar the hours of the day in which the employee is not available.

Create and schedule recurring cycles for holiday hours

An absence and holiday cycle is a period of time in which the days or hours of holidays corresponding to each worker are counted; for example, from January to December.

Determine the dates of the cycle so that it repeats itself
Drag unused holiday hours from cycle to cycle.
Set a deadline to determine up to when you can utilise the dragged hours.

Take into account time off in hours through the attendance record

Holiday hours are taken into account through the working day log so that they are not considered as hours not worked.

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Better manage your company's work shifts

Integrate hourly absences with the work shift management tool to fully adapt to your employees' working days. 

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Shifts compatible with absences of a few hours.
Visualisation of the absences present within the shift calendar

More ease when managing absences with Factorial

In addition to the management of absences by hours, Factorial's Holiday Management software offers many other possibilities.

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Automations, information always available and up to date.
All absences on the same calendar.
Create as many vacation policies as you want.
Customise, approve and decline absences.
Create custom reports with the extracted data.

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