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Improving Employee Productivity with Good Time Management

Deliver your results easier every day with good time management

Adopting good Time Management behaviours and processes liberates us. It creates productive capacity, enables us to increase our focus and impact, reduces our stress levels and makes work feel more purposeful and enjoyable.

Join this free HR webinar with Consultant and Expert Richard Maybury and our own Factorial HR Expert Ted Brosnan who will discuss how to improve employee productivity in your company by implementing good time management.

According to the thousands of people who have completed Richard's training report "Welding Purpose to Priorities", productivity was improved by 54 minutes per person on a daily basis. Therefore, leveraging technology not only improves our productivity but can also reinforce our culture.

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United Kingdom
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About Richard Maybury

For over 20 years Richard Maybury has been known as ‘Mr Productivity’ to his clients across the UK, EMEA and North America. His Attitude Solutions training business specialises in enabling his clients’ people to manage their conflicting priorities and deliver their critical results measurably easier every day. He delivers this through a potent mix of proven productivity principles, best practice behaviours and best use of technology individually and collaboratively. He calls what he does "Welding Purpose to Priorities".

Prior to starting this business, he was a Chartered Insurer specialising in Commercial Risks in the City of London. He has also lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East and the Far East insurance markets.

About Ted Brosnan

Ted is Factorial's internal HR expert with a main role as Senior Account Executive. He is an expert also in building and managing a pipeline, practising multiple methods of outreach to create new partnerships, generating short-term results while managing long-term opportunities, offering feedback to multiple departments within the organisation, and demonstrating the value of the platform to multiple stakeholders within an organisation.

His experience of more than 2 years in Factorial makes him the perfect product expert who can explain in detail all the features that our HR software offers.