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Offer your employees the benefits of on-demand pay with Payflow
Service available in
Spain, Portugal, France, Colombia, Peru, Italy

Factorial + Payflow

Benefit from improved productivity and engagement within your company, with no impact on cash-flow. Visualize and manage employee expenses, without the fear of losing anything or the need to duplicate work. Save time and money by taking advantage of the seamless Payflow - Factorial integration.

What is Payflow?

Payflow provides employees instant access to earned salary to improve their financial well-being. Companies benefit from improved productivity and engagement, with no impact on cash-flow.

What is this integration about?

Synchronize employee data between Factorial and Payflow. The integration automatically creates/updates/deletes employees in Payflow.

What data will the user be able to sync?

Employee list and their expenses.

Problems it might solve

  • No need to manually transfer or update information.
  • Forget about exporting from one and importing to the other.
  • Data updates automatically.
  • Unified source of truth.
  • No duplicates.