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Manage time-off with Factorial’s mobile App

Allow your employees to request and manage holidays from their mobile. 

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Request and edit time-off easily.
Time-off automatically syncs with each employee's portal. 
Review all your employees' time-off from the web platform.

Time Tracking & Shift Management Software

Record the hours your employees work, improve productivity within your company, and reduce absenteeism with Factorial’s HR software.

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Generate Custom Reports

Download a monthly summary report of the total hours worked by all your employees.

Employee Time Tracking

Allow your employees to clock in every time they enter the workplace.

Entrance App

Allow employees to clock in/out by scanning a QR code from their mobile device.


At every moment, know from where your employees are clocking in and out.

HR Reports and Analytics

Generate customised reports based on your company data and make better decisions about your workforce and your business.

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Customised reports

Generate as many reports as you need.

Reports panel

Customise your own reports panel.

Organisational chart

Automatically generate your own organisational chart.

All your HR processes in one place

Find out how Factorial can help your company.

Software for HR Teams

Speed up and simplify HR processes so you can focus on your team's growth, their formation and the selection process.

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Make Better Decisions

Improve the management of your team, reduce structural costs and improve decision making.

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Employee Portal

Your employees can access all their personal information, documents, and other features through their profile.

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