Synchronise employees from Factorial to PayCaptain
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What is PayCaptain?

PayCaptain is a comprehensive SaaS Payroll service and Financial Wellbeing solution, recognized as CIPP's 2022 Software Product of the Year. FCA registered and holds the distinction of being the world's first Certified B Corporation Payroll Solution, PayCaptain sets a new standard in payroll excellence. Revolutionising the ‘pay-day’ experience, PayCaptain not only enhances the payroll process but also prioritises the financial wellbeing of employees. By leveraging the latest technologies, banking capabilities, and optimal financial strategies, PayCaptain collaborates with forward-thinking companies that value the financial health of their workforce. For these innovative businesses, PayCaptain offers an optimised, contemporary, and flexible payroll solution. Through the integration of cloud-based and AI technologies, PayCaptain automates and streamlines processes, resulting in significant time and cost savings while minimising manual errors.


What are the benefits of this integration?

A smooth and intelligent integration featuring real-time data transfer enables you to effortlessly pay employees with just a few clicks. This integration not only ensures precise payroll but also eliminates the need for duplicating data entry, serving as a significant time-saving advantage for your payroll team. Factorial stands out as a robust and adaptable HRIS solution designed to help businesses of all sizes enhance the management of their people and processes. Through a seamless integration with PayCaptain, businesses gain access to two best-in-class solutions that are intricately connected, maintaining data synchronisation and accuracy. These integrated tools offer enhancements to both the HR and payroll functions for the company and its employees.

  • Streamlined data entry: Changes made in Factorial are automatically reflected in PayCaptain, eliminating the necessity for employees to manually input the same information into both systems. This not only saves time but also enhances accuracy.
  • Enhanced visibility: The seamless integration provides businesses with a unified source of truth for all their HR data, simplifying the tracking of employee information and facilitating informed decision-making regarding HR-related matters.
  • Strengthened compliance: By ensuring the accuracy and currency of all HR data, businesses can mitigate the risk of non-compliance with HR and Payroll legislation.

What does PayCaptain integration include? 

This integration syncs the following employee data from Factorial to PayCaptain:

  • Employee data in real-time
  • New hires & terminations in real-time
  • Time tracking & time off in a weekly basis