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Sync your employees from Factorial to Pipplet
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What is Pipplet?

Pipplet is the pre-employment assessment tool used by fast-growing employers to hire roles that require fluency in 1 or more languages. With Pipplet you can:

  • Identify which candidates genuinely meet your language requirement
  • Eliminate subjective bias from your screening process
  • Send 30-minute online tests to as many applicants, with 1 click
  • Get results to confidently hire the best people

What are the benefits of this integration?

With the integration of Pipplet with the factorial platform, assessing candidates has never been easier. You can send tests, follow the progress of the candidates and automate workflows to efficiently screen candidates.

What does this integration include?

This integration transfers the following employee data from Factorial to Pipplet:

  • Name and surname 
  • Email